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“No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training.” - Socrates



Strength development, fat-loss, muscle building, athletic development, nutritional education, online coaching

Coach - Rogan Allport


- PICP Lv 2

- PICP Lv1

- BWLA Lv 2 Weightlifting Coach

- BWLA Lv 1 Weightlifting Coach

- CYQ Lv3 Applied Nutrition

- CYQ Lv3 Personal Training




If you’re reading this, then I know why you’re here. You’re here because you’re sick and tired of looking in the mirror and not being truly satisfied with what you see.

You’re here because you know you can be better.
You’re here because you know that you could be more.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re right!

Rebellion Strength is a personal training company formed with one goal in mind – to help you become the strongest version of you.

The version of you that knows how to take care of their body.

The version of you that knows how to train hard and keep their body in the best shape of their lives.

Let Rebellion Strength help you become the person that you always knew that you could be!





Additional Accolades:

- Mental Health Advocate

- Kickboxing Instructor

- Form Strength Athlete

- Olympic Weightlifting Coach


Secret to Success:

Everything that we do has to fit within the context of the clients life.

Start with simple changes and build complexity over time.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.


Favourite book:

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T.E Lawrence


My name is Rogan Allport.

I’m a personal trainer, strength coach, mobility and movement nerd, and mental health advocate.

I got into the personal training game in 2013 after a series of internships with various strength coaches dating back to 2010. But my real journey in fitness started way before that.

When I was younger, I was a fat kid. Not fat in the way that kids can be, and still be cute. I was fat… like, fat fat.

I was ok at sports. And by sports I mean fields of athletics that favoured the ‘larger’ individual. Judo, Rugby, Shotput etc. But if I am honest with myself, I hid behind these sports to justify my size, and just how unhappy I was.

I spent over a decade feeling lost, and filled with self loathing at what I saw in the mirror.

While I had the tools at my disposal, I had neither the mental strength, nor the experience of how to apply fitness into my life.

Ashamed of my body, and my inability to commit to doing anything about it, I reached an all time low with my mental and physical health. It was at my lowest I knew that I needed and extreme change before I experienced an extreme byproduct of my current state.

So I picked up a barbell. And I never looked back.

I got out of my comfort zone. Embraced my strengths as well as my limitations, and began the process of changing who I was as a person.

I am under no illusions that the barbell saved my life.

So here I am, after over a decade in the pursuit of self improvement. With thousands of client interactions, and endless hours of learning and self study, I firmly believe that there is little else out there that has the power to change the state of a humans life than the decision to embrace a tool for change.

Whether that’s the gym, pilates, yoga, or anything else in between.

It’s your life. So make it the strongest one possible.

I know that the gym isn’t for everyone. But anyone can do it.

I would love the opportunity to help show you how quickly you can change your life with one simple decision.

The decision to grow stronger.





“Inspired, Motivated, Energised and unable to walk down a set of stairs in the morning…My first month of training with Rogan at Rebellion Strength and has been one big learning curve coupled with the awakening of forgotten muscles and their functions!”



“If you're looking for a remote personal trainer, look no further. I live in the US and Rogan is in Wales: he trains me from 3500 miles away, and he's still the best trainer I've ever had.

He developed workout plans for me that I can follow easily from his app, and we Skype once a week to check in. It's worked better than I could have hoped: I get affordable and thorough workouts, regular support by text and Skype, and the flexibility to workout whenever I want.

Rogan is supportive, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. I can't recommend him highly enough.”



“Two and a half years ago I walked into the gym to meet Rogan, who was positive that he could help me.

After spending many years training, doing cardio, HIIT, lifting weights and being scared of carbs I was wondering why I wasn't gaining any muscle haha! Seems stupid now. Rogan firstly gave me the confidence to get back in the gym after taking time out to have my babies and training at home and secondly helped me see how strong I could be.

I was hooked. His workouts and nutritional guidance over the last few years have done absolute wonders and I am so confident in myself and my abilities. I've gone from skinny to strong.

I am so grateful for him and everything that he has done for me. He's changed my life.”



“Rogan took me through 10 wks of the basics of Olympic lifting. I loved every minute. He corrected form, showed advanced warm up techniques and delivered a great plan with realistic progression goals.

Overall strength went up including a front squat, snatch and clean PB.

This phase gave me the confidence to try technically advanced lifts and to not be afraid to fail.

Can't recommend highly enough!”



“I came to Rogan after a turbulent time with my diet, nothing had worked. I had tried slimming world, juice plus, Keto, low carb, Cambridge, Tea Cleanse......nothing helped.

I’d assigned myself to just being how I was and remaining on 800 calories a day convinced low calories would mean slimmer me. Instead I put on more weight, like my body was fighting me. I went from 70kg to 82kg.

Rogan re-trained my thinking and after some hurdles improvement is being made, retraining your brain is hard, but eventually becomes habit. Rogan encourages me all the way, and is constantly pushing me to up my game.”



“In 18 months Rogan has helped me go from a size 18-20 to a 12 -14. I never in my wildest dreams thought that would be possible. Rogan has encouraged me and pushed me along the way whilst still managing to make it fun with 5star banter. He makes working hard fun and whilst still understanding that you have to live your life. I can’t imagine being at the stage I am without his invaluable help and support! I can not recommend him highly enough.”